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Taste Indy Food Tours is the Indianapolis metropolitan area's source for food tours, culinary events, pub crawls, and corporate team building events that bring together history, architecture and cuisine in a variety of different venues and historic neighborhoods. Indy Food Tours

Indianapolis is undergoing a culinary awakening; historic neighborhoods continue to revitalize, as creative local chefs and restaurateurs continue to open exciting establishments.The heart of the city is filled with excitement, nightlife, and fantastic dining options.

We want to show you the culture and cuisine of Indianapolis - through its architectural highlights, and recount the rich history the city has to offer.

Our Food tours and events have been featured in numerous magazine and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Indianapolis Star, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, The Baltimore Sun, and Bon Appetite Magazine.

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A Food Tour can be many things, but in its very basic form is a combination of history, culture, architecture, and great food and drink. Many Food Tours are pedestrian oriented, but others can be arranged by motorcoach or other transport in order to visit several neighborhoods or cities.

During a Food Tour, visits at 4-5 restaurants and establishments in order to enjoy a specially created dish or drink, and meeting the chef when possible.

A Dine Around is a more formal version of a Food Tour, often taking place in the evening, and is more customizable.

Food Tours and Culinary Events

Massachusetts Avenue, or Mass Ave, was one of Indianapolis original commercial corridors. The route bringing merchants and travelers into the city intersected two of the city's most historic neighborhoods; Chatham Arch and Lockerbie.
The lifeblood of the city, the Wholesale District brought together vendors, buyers, and their goods for decades. Although many of the original businesses are gone, their grand architecture remains complete with great restaurants, shopping, and other amenities.
A historic working-class neighborhood, Fountain Square was once the home of the city's Italian population. Although many residents have moved on, the neighborhood boasts great food, unique architecture, and a vibrant, hip vibe.
A culinary Jewel in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis, the City Market is one of the longest running and most beautiful public markets in America. Filled with a variety of vendors, the City Market is a place where you can try things from all over the region and the world.
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