Massachusetts Avenue Food Tour

Mass Ave

Our first Indianapolis Food Tour explores the commercial corridor bordering two of the earliest and most historic neighborhoods in the city, Lockerbie and Chatham Arch.

Massachusetts Avenue is a prominent commercial boulevard crossing a grid of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, developed mainly throughout the 19th century. The area is also home to an ever expanding food scene, hosting nearly two dozen locally owned restaurants. The restaurants throughout the area are a combination of long standing local favorites dating back to the 1800's, to new hotspots embracing the culinary traditions of the area.

The Mass Ave Food Tour will explore the progression of Indianapolis cuisine over the past 150 years; from the traditions brought over by the city's original immigrants, to locally sourced progressive cuisine, all within a beautifully restored neighborhood.

Your Mass Ave Food Tour may include the following specialties:

  • Vegan friendly free trade cuisine
  • High end Midwestern inspired dishes
  • Traditional German cuisine and drinks
  • Indianapolis' indigenous sandwich
  • A sampling of local beers from downtown's only brewery
  • Hand crafted desserts that utilize local produce

Reserve your tickets at Zerve ticketing online or by calling 800-979-3370.